If you are reading this, I am sure you have spent some time searching for an appropriate therapist or psychoanalyst. Congratulations, you have taken a very important step toward getting the help you need. You are just about to engage in the process of making long lasting changes in your life. It is, indeed, a big step.

I am a contemporary psychoanalyst who employs Freudian and post-Freudian theory and technique in both psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. I work with people who are struggling to reach their potential. I provide help for those who are having difficulty facing uncertainty; who are struggling with personal relationships; who are feeling stuck in professional development; who are coping poorly with impulse control issues; and who are feeling guilty engaging in life experiences that make them feel good.

The help I offer often leads people to discover that these difficulties exist for a reason. This realization is an important starting point of the work we will be doing together. And, as we begin to pay closer attention to this new insight, you will learn that underneath these issues are unspoken, therefore, unprocessed thoughts and feelings that are influencing your behaviors and decision-making processes.

It has been my experience that these unspoken thoughts and feelings continuously call themselves to our attention in various forms:  inexplicable physical discomfort, emotional numbness or emptiness, anger, and sadness. These are symptoms that are often produced by unconscious memories.

I believe that gaining access to these unconscious memories holds the key to the cessation of various discomforts. And since these memories are hidden and therefore, hard to reach; understanding their meaning requires professional help. My aim is to help you move through this  process so that I can help you  improve all aspects of your life. I offer a safe therapeutic space in which you can begin this work. You will then explore and create a meaningful narrative of your life, which allows you to discover your true potential. You are on your way to being the person you were meant to be.